A swimming pool with the words, "must have pool features."

The process of building a brand new pool in your backyard is a thrilling experience. The anticipation builds with every step as you imagine jumping into the cool blue waters for the first time, the countless memories you will make with family and friends, and having the perfect escape always available to you after a busy day.

There are a lot of options, however, when it comes to designing your dream pool. While the shape, tile type, and size are some of the basic options you get to pick, the real stylization comes from the different water features you incorporate with your pool. With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out with this process, the designers at Old Town Pool and Patio have come up with a list of must-have features for your new pool!

Transform Your Pool With Water and Fire Features

Water and fire are often not placed together as they are complete opposites, but that’s what makes these types of water features so intriguing. Placed around key parts of your pool, water, and fire features can transform your backyard space into a captivating tropical paradise.

One of our favorite fire and water features is the fire bowls, which are placed on raised platforms of your pool while making sure that the fire is contained in a safe but beautiful copper, concrete, or metallic bowl. These features can be combined with small waterfalls to add an extra element to the feature and help improve the water circulation of your pool.

Grab a Drink at Your Swim-Up Bar

Many people use their swimming pools as a temporary escape from the stressors of everyday life. What better way to decompress than with a beautiful swim-up bar where you can get a refreshment without leaving the comfort of your pool?

Enhance Ambiance With Fire Pits

While not directly in the pool, having a fire pit incorporated into your backyard space will give you and your swimmers a scenic place to dry off and relax. The cold becomes a distant worry when you’re sitting around a gorgeous fire pit while enjoying a nice meal or drink under the twinkling night sky. No matter what type of pool or backyard space you want to create, we are sure that a fire pit can complement it nicely. 

Create Your Backyard Oasis with Natural Rocks and Plants

If you are looking to create a more natural look for your pool, having unique rock fixtures or well-placed plants is a must. Stones can be used for many different purposes, such as filling the inside of the pool with seating (for that swim-up bar, or more creative and exhilarating features such as a stone waterfall/slide) or outlining the pool to give it a natural oasis-feel.

We can even use natural rocks to create a gorgeous grotto, giving you and your swimmers an escape from the heat while allowing water to beautifully trickle down the natural rocks. This massive feature can be a centerpiece for your pool, bringing it together and creating a welcoming environment that you will never want to leave. 

Consider a Spa Spillover

If you have a spa integrated into your pool, you can increase its visual appeal and make it feel more connected by using a spillover spa. This nifty little idea allows some of the warm water for the spa to be integrated into the main pool, keeping its water slightly warmer. This also helps promote healthy water circulation throughout the pool and while adding a nice little personal touch. 

The Possibilities Are Endless

These are just a few of the incredible pool features available to you when you trust the team at Old Town Pool and Patio to transform your backyard space. With an impressive new pool designed around your lifestyle, enjoy the personal escape as you let your cares float away with each swim. Contact Old Town Pool and Patio today to schedule an appointment with our design team or for more information on our pool builds and available pool features.

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