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Rectangular Swimming Pool Contractor in Lewisville, TX

If you love an elegant modern look, a rectangular swimming pool may be right for you. These gorgeous pools are designed to fit into any backyard, big or small. Alongside beautiful water features, gorgeous tiles, and decorations, your rectangular swimming pool will stand out as the centerpiece of your backyard.

At Old Town Pool and Patio, we are pushing the boundaries of design by creating masterpieces with our custom pool builds. Contact our team today about our rectangular swimming pool builds in Lewisville.

Rectangular Pools Are Anything But Boring

Many people avoid rectangular swimming pools because they think they will look dull in comparison to modern pools or free-form pools. However, our design team sees the elegant potential in simplicity.

Creating Your Outdoor Safe Haven

What transforms your pool into a meaningful escape isn’t the shape, it is the heart and thoughtful design that goes into the build. Rectangular pools are designed to give homeowners the ability to have a pool no matter the size of their backyard. Since the length is what is important, the pool can be fitted into the backyard with ease and still give plenty of space for your swimmers. Combined with gorgeous tiles to show off the clean lines of your rectangular swimming pool and beautiful water features, there is no limitation to the beauty that can be produced. With Old Town Pool and Patio as your design team, your pool will be a masterpiece.

Leaves Room For Other Outdoor Features

A rectangular Pool with features

Another unique quality of a rectangular pool is its ability to mesh well with other outdoor features. For example, a spa can easily be fitted into either end. And with the free space around the pool, you can add in a pool house, outdoor kitchen, or firepit to create more gathering spaces for your swimmers to choose from. Rectangular swimming pools also lend themselves well to water slides and automatic pool covers.

Rectangle Pools; Elegance in Simplicity

The design experts at Old Town Pool and Patio are the leading experts in innovative pool design that not only captivates the eye, but brings luxury and functionality together. We take intelligent risks, meaning that while we do push the boundaries of innovation, we ensure that everything we do is 100% safe. If you are ready to transform your backyard with a new rectangular swimming pool, contact our team today!