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Old Town Pool and Patio Modern Pool Builds

You want your new pool to be the centerpiece of your backyard. Modern pools feature designs that blend beauty and functionality. With their unique shapes, tiles, and additional water features, your modern pool will become the perfect gathering place for your family and friends! Here is what you need to know about the incredible modern pool designs from Old Town Pool and Patio!

The Elegant Characteristics of the Modern Pool

Modern pools are designed to create a functional and natural flow to your backyard, leading from one element to another. This gives your backyard a strong sense of unification. Here are the different characteristics which your modern pool can take.

Geometric Shapes

wide shot of a pool and outdoor kitchen at night

Modern pools can be built to fit any type of backyard, whether it is small or large. They can be made using pronounced angles or beautiful curves to fit perfectly without disrupting any special features, such as an outdoor kitchen or a firepit. Modern pools can be either streamlined or asymmetrical, depending on your needs and landscape of your backyard.

Streamlined pools are sleek and pleasing to the eye. While they may look simple, they are designed for easy maintenance, giving the homeowner more time to spend enjoying their pool than taking care of it.

Asymmetrical pools are striking and beautiful, featuring curves that appear at various intervals to give your pool the appearance of a natural body of water. Combined with beautiful natural elements, such as a fountain or stonework, your pool can create a backyard paradise.

Mid-Century Modern Pools

Mid-century modern pools are sleek and stylish designed to blend seamlessly with your outdoor living area. Sometimes long and rectangular, they feature spas or sundecks and elongate the structure of your home. If you are looking for a shape that helps give your home a retro-feel, then a kidney-shaped mid-century modern pool will do the trick. We also offer multi-level pools that run a deep and shallow end, perfect for swimmers of all ages. We even offer a splash pad for both visual interest and the perfect hang-out spot.

Combined with bright colors in the tile or unique water features such as a retaining wall with fountains or scuppers, your mid-century modern pool will take on a life of its own. Combined with an outdoor fireplace and a gorgeous sitting area, you will never want to leave your outdoor paradise

Transform Your Pool With Water Features

A pool with a unique water feature and spa combination

Modern pools are designed to merge both comfort and ingenuity. These pools are usually ornamented with water features such as gorgeous fountains, scuppers, and deck jets to further the sense of serenity and tranquility that one expects from their pool. Allow the soothing sounds of the water to carry the worries of the world away as you enjoy a swim or time relaxing by the pool.

Additional Pool Features

One of the best parts of a modern pool is that they combine convenience and ingenuity. This can be seen by upgrading your modern pool to include tanning ledges, swim-up bars, or splash pads for the little ones. 

Expert Modern Pool Builders in DFW

Old Town Pool and Patio delivers gorgeous pools that push the boundaries of innovation. Our incredible design team listens carefully to your needs and wants for your pools and then combines them with an incredible design so that your new pool surpasses your expectations. When you want a pool that will become the jewel of your backyard, there is no other team to turn to than Old Town Pool and Patio.