close up of a residential pool

Some people want a pool to relax. Some want a pool for exercise, to practice and perfect their strokes and improve their health. Lap pools are a great solution for individuals or businesses that are looking to make wellness the forefront of their lives. These pools are shallow, narrow, and serve as the focal point for your yard. Alongside beautiful decking or an outdoor living area, your lap pool will combine both luxury and functionality. Old Town Pool and Patio can help you build the perfect lap pool that fits in perfectly with your backyard. Contact our team today for more information on our beautiful lap pools!

Things to Consider When Building Your Lap Pool

Lap pools are different from other swimming pools due to the fact that they are used almost exclusively for exercise rather than leisure. Their design is typically long-reaching with a 45-foot narrow width to keep the swimmer focused.

Because of the defined shape of a lap pool, here are some special design considerations:

  • Internal stairs can get in the way of the swimmer. Having niche steps in the wall along with a metal handrail to get in and out of the pool will be easier for the swimmer.
  • An integrated spa will help give the individual using it a place to relax their muscles after a long swim. This can decrease muscle recovery time and reduce aches or cramps after the exercise.
  • The deck around your pool is a major part of the pool’s design. For lap pools, wood, concrete, or tile should be used in order to create a unified space that prevents excess water from damaging the ground underneath and aids in easier maintenance.
  • Knowing when you are going to be using your pool can help you decide whether a heater will be a good choice for your lap pool. Morning or night? All year round? This can also determine whether or not a cover will be right for your lap pool.

Built With the Client as the Muse

A long rectangular lap Pool

Old Town Pool and Patio is dedicated to creating unique and high-quality pools that are built with our client as the center. Every decision and innovation is geared toward meeting your individual needs. We start out with a consultation where we get to know you and what you expect from your pool. We then create an amazing 3D design to show you what your potential pool will look like in your backyard. 

Every decision and innovation is done by intelligent risks. While we are the industry leaders when it comes to incorporating new technologies, we do so only after we have tested our design to ensure that it is 100% safe. If we are not comfortable with a certain feature, you can rest assured it will not be installed on your pool. Safety is one of our number one concerns.

Beautiful Lap Pool Designs From Old Town Pool and Patio

Old Town Pool and Patio is dedicated to ensuring that individuals and commercial businesses of the DFW area have access to gorgeous custom pools that are designed to stand out. From lap pools to modern style pools, we have solutions for every backyard or space! Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule a consultation with our design team!