close up of an infinity pool with a house in the background

The Immaculate Beauty of Infinity Pools

Redefine your definition of a swimming pool with the incredible beauty and illusion of endlessness with an infinity pool. Infinity pools bring peace and comfort to your backyard by creating the illusion that your swimming is one with mother nature with its vanishing edges. 

Old Town Pool and Patio is dedicated to creating the perfect getaway for our clients by creating an outdoor paradise that they will be proud of. We start every pool project by getting to know our clients. This way we can address their needs for their pool and start a solid relationship with them. This relationship we create with our clients is special, as we strongly believe they are the heart of our business. This helps our team create a living piece of art that is as gorgeous as it is functional. Here is what you can expect from our infinity pools:

How Does the Illusion Work?

Image of a beautiful back yard with an infinity pool

One of the biggest questions that our team receives concerning our infinity pools is how the illusion works. Infinity pools are designed to create the illusion of endlessness with its vanishing wall. This wall, or in some cases walls, are built to meet at exactly water level, allowing it to appear as if the water simply flows past the confines of the pool. The walls themselves are sloped so that the water can flow over the top and down into a catch basin. The basin, which is located underneath the pool, has a built-in pump that then pushes the water back up into the main pool. This endless cycle of water creates an effective illusion.

Infinity pools lend themselves well to be the centerpiece of your backyard surrounded by gorgeous firepits and grottos. We can also build unique sitting areas around your pool, giving you and your swimmers a place to relax and enjoy the majesty of your new pool. Combined with beautiful LED lighting, you will have a serene outdoor living space for all of your relaxation and gathering needs. 

Infinity Pools and Safety

Some soon-to-be-pool owners are a bit concerned about the vanishing edge of the pool, as the drop off can seem dangerous; however, it is 100% safe. Despite what your eyes see, a wall protects objects from falling into the basin. For an individual to fall out of the pool, he or she would have to climb over the wall and into the catch basin. However, to be on the safe side, children should always be supervised while swimming in any pool.

Safety is our number one concern when building any pool or outdoor living project. We take intelligent risks, meaning while our pools are unique, we will never go through with a design unless we can be 100% sure that it is safe for our clients and their loved ones.

Maintenance Upgrades for Infinity Pools

A damaged pool pump or filter will cause the circulation of the water to become disrupted, destroying the endless illusion. When it comes to maintenance, our team can upgrade your infinity pool by installing an in-floor cleaning system. This creates more care-free and hands-off maintenance for your pool, allowing for more chill time. 

Escape Into the Horizon with Old Town Pool and Patio’s Infinity Pools

When you partner with Old Town Pool and Patio, you can expect the perfect pool custom built to meet your family’s individual needs. We custom build each pool because we know that every client has different needs and expectations for their pool. This is why we build solid working relationships with our clients, to ensure that they are happy and comfortable with their pool build every step of the way. For our team, relationships matter.

We demand excellence from our team during every pool and outdoor living construction project. Starting from the design to the individual build, we never accept anything less than the best. We take pride in our work and want our clients to take pride in their new pool. We won’t stop until the job is done right. Don’t settle for less than perfect. Instead, unlock your creative imagination with the renowned pool experts at Old Town Pool and Patio. Our team of pool and outdoor living specialists can help you design your perfect outdoor paradise so you can swim in the pool of your dreams. Contact our team for more information about our infinity pools or to schedule a consultation.