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Gunite Concrete Pools; Dry Mix Shotcrete and Wet Mix.

When investing in a new swimming pool, consider its aesthetics and quality. It is important to invest in a material that is built to last while not jeopardizing customizability or the beauty of your pool. When it comes to long-lasting, durable, and beautiful pool material, our team recommends gunite concrete.

Gunite Concrete pool shells can be made out of two different mixtures, wet mix or dry mix. Both of these mixtures are durable and are made out of a combination of water, cement, and stone or gravel. 

The experienced team at Old Town Pool and Patio can help you design a gorgeous concrete pool to fit any size or shape you may want. Our professional pool design team is ready to help you bring your dreams to life! Contact our team today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

What Is the Difference Between a Gunite and a Shotcrete Pool?

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Gunite and shotcrete refer to the mixture of concrete that is applied to your pool. The major difference between these two mixtures is when the water is added in the process.

Dry Mix refers to concrete that is shot out of a gun. Dry mix gunite has a separate hose to add the water immediately after the dry layer is applied. Dry mix gunite concrete is different than traditional concrete due to its ability to form vertical walls on the sides of your pool. 

Dry mix generally has a higher rebound than dry mix does and requires a lot more of the product to be removed once applied to create a smooth, even surface. 

Wet Mix is a wet mixture that is easy to spread and does not require additional water. Wet mix is used in almost all commercial pool applications and what our team likes to use on our gunite installation because of reduced material loss from rebounding. This is because wet mix sticks a lot better than dry during the application process and does not crack due to major shrinkage. When you go with our wet mix gunite concrete, you know you are getting a commercial-grade and a great overall product.

Both of these types of concrete are hardy and will last a long time with proper application. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our pool shells, ensuring that your pool is protected throughout the span of its lifetime.

Experience Matters

Incorrect application of the concrete will result in weak spots, leading to premature failure, costly repairs, or an entire replacement. The team at Old Town Pool and Patio will ensure that the job is done right the first time. We know what makes a great pool and we know that experience matters. Invest in the team that has your best interests at heart. Contact Old Town Pool and Patio today for more information or to schedule your consultation.