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Build Your Dream Pool With Old Town Pool and Patio in Lewisville, TX

Old Town Pool and Patio are inspiring homeowners to think outside of the box when it comes to the design of their pool. We are the industry’s leading innovators and have been pushing the boundaries of design with every project. Our pools stand out because of their beautiful design, seamless integration into your backyard space, and ability to go beyond expectations. When you are looking for a new pool or a pool renovation, put your trust in Old Town Pool and Patio.

One of our core values at Old Town Pool and Patio is finding our creative imagination that translates into thinking outside the box when it comes to pool designs. We are the leading innovators in the pool and outdoor living building industry when it comes to innovation with new pool technologies. We are always looking for new ways to provide a “wow factor” for our clients with our designs that are based on client needs and intelligent risks. Our intelligent risks simply mean that we push the boundaries of pool designs but do not go through with them until we are 100% sure that they are safe. When you are looking for a new pool or a pool renovation, you can put your trust and faith that Old Town Pool and Patio will always demand excellence from your design and deliver the highest quality for your new pool or pool renovation. 

Types of Pools

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Old Town Pool and Patio only uses the strongest materials in the pool industry. We use either gunite or shotcrete concrete mixture on all of our pool construction projects, as concrete has been proven to withstand the test of time. While our materials may always be the same, the look and feel of your pool will be uniquely your own. We customize each pool build to meet your needs and wants and take into great consideration the natural beauty of your backyard. Our goal is to create an outdoor living space that feels just like your very own outdoor paradise where you can enjoy life to its fullest and leave any cares and worries behind. Here are the types of pools that our team offers:

Infinity Pools

Seamlessly blend your pool into the horizon with the incredible beauty of an infinity pool. These pools make use of their vanishing edge, giving your family a feeling of freedom and serenity.

Free-Form Pools

a pool, gazebo, and water feature

Free-form pools are a great way to add a natural or tropical feel to your outdoor living space. Challenge what you and your family think you know about pools by investing in a free-form pool. These pools can take any form or shape. Free-form pools are perfect for homeowners who are looking for something different or who may have limited space in their backyard. 

Modern Pools

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Modern pools make great use of some of the comforts and conveniences of the 21st Century. Whether you are looking to add an additional spa, a bar, or connect your pool to an outdoor kitchen, the modern pool allows you to do just that. These pools are designed to increase the ability to simply relax while looking polished and elegant.

  • Streamlined Modern Pools – Designed to ease maintenance and give homeowners a stunning pool to fit their lifestyle
  • Asymmetrical Modern Pools – A pool with curves at irregular intervals to imitate a natural flow of running water. Combined with rocks or a waterfall, these pools combine the best of Mother Nature and modern engineering.
  • Mid-Century Modern – Mid-century modern pools are known for their unique shape and structure, but what really makes this pool pop is its surrounding. While these pools typically have a kidney or rectangle shape to them, they can also be multi-level pools. Mid-century pools don’t just stop at the pool design itself but continue on through the outdoor seating areas around the pool and any extra outdoor water features such as scuppers to create extra ambiance. 

Lap Pools

If you are looking to have your pool to workout, then a lap pool may be right for you. These beautiful pools are built with wellness in mind. With beautiful tiles and straight lines to keep your strokes honest and true, these pools are created to improve your form and endurance.

Rectangular Pools

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Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics! Rectangular pools can fit into almost any backyard, big or small. These classic pools may sound basic but don’t let the name fool you. When you are investing in a rectangular pool from Old Town Pool and Patio, you can rest assured that a combination of gorgeous tile work, pool patio, and water features will give this classic a gorgeous upgrade!

Don’t Settle for Average When You Can Have Extraordinary

The design and construction team at Old Town Pool and Patio is one of the industry leaders when it comes to incredible pool builds. If you are looking to transform your outdoor space with a beautiful new pool or renovate your existing pool, look no further than Old Town Pool and Patio. Contact our team today to find out more about the different pool types we can help you and your family enjoy for the test of time! Call now to set up a consultation with our design team!