A lifeguard watches over swimming children

At Old Town Pool and Patio, safety is our top priority. That is why we only take intelligent risks when designing your pool. Intelligent risks mean that we push the boundaries of pool design but not at the risk of our customers’ safety. All of our pool innovations are tested so that we are sure they are 100% safe before we decide to add them to your pool design.

In honor of our commitment to putting safety first, we have created a pool safety tip guide to help new and existing pool owners stay safe while they enjoy their outdoor paradise. Pool safety starts with learning proper water safety behaviors and installing safety devices to safeguard your pool and your swimmers. Here are more steps you can take to ensure that your outdoor paradise doesn’t turn into a nightmare:

Always Watch Children

Never leave your children in or around the pool unattended. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and the consequences can include serious injury or, in the worst cases, death. If you are having a pool party or pool day with multiple adults present, coordinate so that you switch off who is watching the children. This ensures that there is no lapse in supervision and further protects your children as they swim.

Proper Water Safety Behaviors

While swimming is an exciting activity for your children, it can also be dangerous if they do not know proper water safety behaviors. Here are a few guidelines your children should absolutely know:

  • No running around the pool. Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of pool injuries.
  • Always be aware of the pool depth and your ability to swim. Weaker or younger swimmers should never leave areas where the water reaches higher than their head unless they are wearing a lifejacket or puddle jumper.
  • No roughhousing in or around the pool.
  • Never dive in shallow areas. Ignoring this rule can lead to serious head injuries or death in the worst cases.
  • Take smaller children to swimming classes to ensure they know how to properly swim
  • Don’t swim in the dark without adequate pool lighting.
  • Get out of the water as soon as you hear thunder. If you can hear thunder you can be struck by lightning.
  • Don’t eat or chew gum while you swim. This is a choking hazard.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and follow all pool rules.

Always Make Sure There Is an Anti-Entrapment Device Installed Over Pool Drains

Anti-entrapment devices are a mandatory part of our pool builds. This protects swimmers from being stuck underwater due to their bathing suit or body parts getting sucked into the drain.

Make Sure Young Children and Weaker Swimmers Wear a Personal Floatation Device

A mother helps her child don a life vest

It only takes a cup of water for a child to drown. Never leave young children unsupervised and always make sure they have a personal floatation device on. Do not rely on pool toys such as water wings and pool noodles as personal floatation devices. Acceptable personal floatation devices include a lifejacket or a puddle jumper.

Make Sure You Have These Emergency Items On Hand at All Times

  • Cellphone or pool phone to dial emergency services if needed
  • First aid kit
  • Personal floatation devices
  • Bottles of water in case a child or adult gets dehydrated

Become CPR Certified

Knowing how to perform CPR can help save your child, family member, or guest’s life. These skills should be reviewed regularly to ensure that you know how to respond in the event of an emergency.

Invest in a Pool Fence

It is highly recommended to have a five-foot or taller fence around your pool. This helps protect children and pets who may be playing in other areas of your backyard stay safe by not allowing them to accidentally wander into the pool.

Keep Any Pool or Spa Covers in Good Shape

If you notice that your pool or spa cover is looking worn-down, it may be time to get a replacement. These covers protect your pool and can help catch any pet or child that may accidentally wander towards the pool, giving you more time to react.

Looking For a Pool Builder Who Puts Safety First?

Old Town Pool and Patio is dedicated to ensuring that your pool looks beautiful and is safe for you and your swimmers. We take intelligent risks when designing and building your pool to ensure that while we are pushing the boundaries of innovation, we are keeping safety at the forefront. We always demand the best of our team and offer only the highest quality materials. If you are looking for a pool builder who puts you and your family first, contact Old Town Pool and Patio today for more information on our pool builds or to schedule a consultation.