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Pool and Patio Water Features in Lewisville, TX

Pool water features take your swimming pool to the next level by adding a relaxing element. From the soothing sounds of running water traversing a sheer descent to the laughter-inducing thrills of a water slide, there is no limit to your pool! Water features can also create the perfect atmosphere for reading by the pool, chatting with family or friends, or just floating contentedly. At Old Town Pool and Patio, we aim to create a stunning pool that is designed to fit your family’s wants and needs. Here is what our team has to offer!

Swimming Pool Gushers

If you have little ones, then this water feature is a must. Swimming pool gushers, also known as bubblers, are a water feature that bubbles underneath the water to make a satisfying bubbling sound. These features are perfect for splash pads, tanning ledges, or smaller parts of your pool that do not exceed 6”.

Pool Scuppers

Scuppers are gorgeous slots installed on a raised wall that allow water to flow into your pool. These stunning features help the circulation of your pool’s water, keeping it cool and fostering a soothing atmosphere. Scuppers come in a wide variety of designs and sizes, so be sure to ask your designer from Old Town Pool and Patio about all the available options!

Weeping Walls Pool Waterfall

A pool with a decorative stonework waterfall and slide

Weeping walls are a type of waterfall where water gently flows from between the rocks of the fountain into the pool. This type of waterfall retains a more natural look, lending itself well to more organic pool shapes, such as free form pools. Typically, moss rock boulders are used around the fountain to give the water its path, and other rocks are used to create the wall beside it. The weeping wall is not just a stunning feature visually— it also creates the beautiful sound of a babbling brook.

Sheer Descent Pool Waterfall

Another type of waterfall is a sheer descent. These immaculate water features create a clear arc of water that is projected away from a raised wall and into your swimming pool. This creates a beautiful focal point for your pool and can be enhanced with a well-placed light underneath the arc. The flow of water can be adjusted to create a wide range of different effects, allowing your pool to match your mood or style.

Pencil Jets, Deck Jets, or LED Jets

Pencil jets create a fun strong flow of water that is both visually appealing and fun to swim under. These jets work best with a geometric pool, as they can help accentuate the curves and lines of the pool.

Deck jets are a popular addition to swimming pools that add a lot of style and flare. The height of the stream of water can be adjusted and adds an extra layer of visual interest to your pool.

LED jets take beauty to the next level as they create a smooth glass-like rod of water that is intermingled with light. The lights can be changed to different colors, matching your pool’s aesthetic and enveloping your pool in a feeling of relaxation and wonder.

Pool Fountains

A pool with a unique water feature and spa combination

Fountains are a wonderful option for any pool, as they help increase water circulation, look beautiful, and create a calming atmosphere. The team at Old Town Pool and Patio has a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the simplistic beauty of an overflowing fountain to spill into your pool or the captivating beauty of a fire and water fountain, we have the perfect option for your pool and backyard aesthetic.

Pool Grottos

Grottos are immaculate large rock waterfalls that have a nook or cavern space underneath, allowing swimmers to explore underneath. These wonderful pool features allow swimmers to escape the sun and have a moment of reprise from the world around them. Grottos can be upgraded to include special features such as seating areas, lighting, or even a therapy spa.

Old Town Pool and Patio is proud to be pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to our pool designs. They are not only captivating, but luxurious. Our designs ensure that you and your family can enjoy your pool for years to come! Contact our team today for more information about our pool water features or to schedule a consultation with our design team!

A pool with a decorative stonework waterfall and slide