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Pool House Design and Construction in Lewisville, Texas

Having a backyard pool to cool off in is the perfect way to battle the notorious Texas summer heat. However, swimmers need a break now and then either because they are tired and need a rest or need to use the facilities. This can lead to dripping water from bathing suits and hair all over your home. Thankfully, Old Town Pool and Patio have a solution: a pool house. Pool houses are small buildings dedicated to a swimmer’s lifestyle that can easily blend in with your pool.

At Old Town Pool and Patio, we have been designing the perfect pool houses for our clients for over ten years. Our pool houses are designed to complement your space and be a functional and luxurious part of your summer. Here is what there is to know about pool house designs and construction:

What Is a Pool House Used For?

Pool houses are built with convenience as the main driving factor. A pool house can act as whatever the homeowner or swimmers need it to be. For example, some pool houses are designed as changing rooms complete with a bathroom and shower. Others are designed to give swimmers a place to relax in the comfort of shade and air conditioning. And finally, they can also be used for convenient storage of pool toys and equipment, such as towels.

Pool houses can also be customized to fit the special needs that your family may be looking for. Whether you want extra bedrooms to create a guest house that is separate from the main home or you are looking to put in a gym to give you and your family the ultimate workout space, our team can make it happen. We can even combine your pool house with a custom kitchen and small dining area, allowing your family and friends to enjoy your outdoor oasis while eating their favorite meal. 

Outdoor Living Geared Towards Your Lifestyle

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Pool houses are not restricted by specific size requirements as they are designed and built specifically for each pool. Typically, your pool house will be customized to accommodate your specific needs. 

At Old Town Pool and Patio, relationships matter. This is why we make it a point to sit down with every client and determine what is specifically needed. Whether it is a relaxation center for swimmers to take a breather, a storage facility for pool equipment, or a place to change and use the restroom, we have the options and designs you are looking for. We work hard to build solid working relationships to ensure that your pool and outdoor living area are custom-made for your home rather than providing another cookie-cutter solution.

Our team ensures that your pool house is matched to complement your unique area. This results in a stunning unified pool environment that raises the aesthetic and value of your home.

Lewisville Pool House Designers and Builders

Old Town Pool and Patio are proud to serve the hardworking individuals and businesses of the DFW area. Whether you want to install a gorgeous pool with a matching pool house or add pool water features, our team can help! Contact Old Town Pool and Patio today to set up a consultation with our design team or for more information on our services.