Tips for First-Time Pool Owners

image of a pool with a patio in the background

From construction to regular maintenance, a lot goes into having a swimming pool. In this blog post, Old Town Pool and Patio will break down some of the basics when it comes to pool ownership.  Beyond the scope of this blog, there are many more things to consider. It might seem simple, but reading the […]

Inside Look at Modern Pools

built in pool seating

Looking to build your own outdoor oasis but unsure what type of style would work best for your home? Consider the chic aesthetic and grand character of the modern pool. Modern pools are known for their clean lines and their ability to elevate the feel of any backyard space. If you are unsure whether a […]

Inside Look at Free-Form Pools

stone columns with water features

Maybe you’ve dreamed about having a backyard pool but have been unable to convince yourself it’s worth the splurge. Maybe you didn’t like the idea of a stark, rectangular hole in your backyard. Or maybe you didn’t think a pool would look natural next to the greenery on your property. If any of those reasons […]

Inside Look at Lap Pools

a commercial pool

An Inside Look at Lap Pools Lap pools make a great addition to residential properties with narrow stretches of land available. Perfect for exercise, these pools usually have a shallow depth and a narrow with rectangular design that is best suited for exercise in the privacy of the backyard. Unlike swimming pools that may have both […]

Inside Look at Infinity Pools

infinity pool with blue glass tile

What Is an Infinity Pool? The perfect infinity pool combines a stunning design with an optical illusion. Sometimes known as zero-edge or infinity-edge pools, these eye-catching bodies of water give the appearance of the edge of the pool merging with or blending into a distant horizon, the surrounding landscape, another area of water, or other […]

What Is a Luxury Pool?

built in pool seating

While a person can objectively state whether or not their feet are wet while standing near water, determining if a pool is luxurious is a more subjective process. Similar to a fine piece of artwork, some consider a pool to be luxurious if they have strong, positive emotions when they see and experience it.  Custom-designed […]